sassenachclaire (sassenachclaire) wrote in iud_divas,

Liberte 380 - 4 week update

Hi all,

Just another quick update in case anyone is interested, at 4 weeks post-insertion.

- Had trouble finding my IUD strings at first but now have successfully felt them (TMI alert: I can find them when I use a finger from Dr. said my cervix tilts a bit downward so I tried this way and it worked)
- 1st period post insertion: fairly intense cramping first 2 days that subsided to a gentler ache for the rest of it, flow was not heavier but period lasted like 12 days, haha. I'm hoping after the first few "adjustment" periods, it becomes shorter but all in all, it really wasn't so bad.
- I've had my scared/concerned moments but very satisfied so far with IUD overall
Tags: copper iuds (all), periods, strings, updates short term

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