rach3720 (rach3720) wrote in iud_divas,

still on edge about my paragard

So i recently got into a monogomous relationship and like all my relationships he lives out of town, since we started having sex its always been a hour drawn out ordeal lol. When i'm in the moment it doesn't cross my mind that my paragard will fail, its the next day when either of us returns to out towns. Im checking my strings and just praying that my period comes. I research and apparently its as effective as a tubal legation. Why can't i trust it? it seems to good to be true, i dont have cramps or heavy periods. how do i trust it? should i? my first partially expelled, and had to get it put in again with an ultrasound so at that time it was for sure in place. is that fairly reliable then? also does anyone have spotting? i just started spotting but my period is over.
Tags: bleeding, copper iuds (all), paragard, periods

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