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3 days short of my 1 year anniversary!

Well, it's been real this past year, but I'm still on the fence about the Paragard.

June 12, 2012 I went to a NP at a local health department with a 4 hour journey to get my Paragard placed. It took a lot of legwork before that point to get approved as well. Before this NP I was in a different area of the state (Florida) and the NP at that health department didn't like placing IUD's in NP women. So, I was shocked to find out (after moving to a new area) that this NP was comfortable with it and even placed them in 16 year old girls. She kind of pushed me in the direction of getting a Mirena, but I wanted NO HORMONES and wanted longer BC coverage.

So, the day of... I Was told to come super early. The health department opened at 7 so I got there a little bit before when the doors opened! Unfortunately, this particular department is in an area of very high poverty so it still took about 4 hours to be seen. I was loaded up with ibuprofen at 7... but as you can imagine it wore off by 11 am. I also had a very light breakfast prior to 7 am as well. My boyfriend went with me just before I Was worried I would be in too much pain to drive after.

So, after waiting in about 3 different waiting rooms I was taken into the NP's office. She had my undress in front of her and the nurse because it was quite a small office so I was already really uncomfortable at this point. She walked me through the entire process and told me what was going on.

Unfortunately, I don't really remember much about the insertion except that forceps, and it hurting.... but afterward. I felt sick. She said I looked really pale. When I stood up I felt really cold and dizzy... basically my body was in shock because something foreign had just been inserted into it, my ibuprofen was already worn off, and I hadn't eaten in several hours. So, thank god my boyfriend was there because I don't know what would have happened. The NP suggested I eat something after learning about the last time I ate. She also handed me a card with the date I need to get my IUD removed. The health department has this program where it hands out bagels every morning so I ate one of those and immediately started feeling better. Then, John (my beau), took me to have breakfast and I started feeling tons better.

So, the rest of the day I had pretty severe cramping. And I had a job interview that day. I scheduled it the same day because I had a job that I didn't like asking off lots of time from. I got a second interview from that interview so I guess despite the post-insertion cramping pain I did pretty well.

So... I've had my ups and downs... Ups... NO CONDOMS FOR SEX!!! MY boyfriend and I were together for almost a year at the time of my insertion so I fully trusted him... And now we're going on two years so we're committed. The only bad thing is that if he ejaculates inside of me too many times in a row my vagina starts to smell funny... SO, it's really all about learning our bodies. And another up is that I don't have to worry about birth control for 10 years (I guess 9 now) which is great. I have a regular period so I'm not worried about whether or not I'm pregnant.

Despite those "ups." I'm not really sure I like my birth control. I have spotting almost every month. And the cramps are TERRIBLE! Like, seriously, what the fuck is going on?! Last week I had three days where I was having terrible cramps that made me sweat with pain and I took 3 ibuprofen on each occasion... and honestly, I hate taking medication. Medication is the last resort for me. The worst part about it... I wasn't even on my period. I have even been convinced while on my period or having these horrendous cramps that perhaps I should get the Paragard removed and get the Mirena instead, but hormones scare me. When I'm on my period I bleed everywhere. I was on an overseas trip during my last period and I ruined a pair of my friend's jeans because I was bleeding so heavily.

It's true, I was warned, but I didn't think it would be this bad. I didn't think that every time I needed to poop on my period that I would feel shooting pain in my butt. I didn't think I'd bleed everywhere (before my IUD I needed MAYBE one tampon sometimes none and a tiny pantyliner)... now I want a menstrual cup because of my heavy flow, but I'm afraid of expulsion with one in :(. Also, certain sex positions are way more painful with the IUD. That sucks, but I think it has definitely helped my boyfriend enjoy sex more (because let's be real, condoms suck ass).

I also forgot to mention how much I paid for my IUD. Before getting my IUD inserted I applied for the local health insurance and received it... so my IUD with insurance was $0. If I had needed to pay for it because I didn't have that insurance it would have been $17. I guess I'm a lucky gal. ;)

Have a great week everyone!

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