lauren6688 (lauren6688) wrote in iud_divas,

Problems with sex drive on Mirena?

Hello Ladies!

I've had my Mirena for just about two years now and couldn't love it any more!  After the initial adjustment period, I have had no issues with it and couldn't be happier.  The only problem I find is my sex life with my boyfriend (which was previously very intense) has gone to practically nothing.  I find that I went from being a very sexual person who enjoyed sex to someone who finds herself being annoyed when my boyfriend instigates or even makes a comment.  It's starting to hurt our relationship as we don't seem to have that physical bond anymore and I would hate it if our relationship turned sour just because of this.  I want to hold on to my Mirena as it has been amazing but if I have no other choice, I might have to take it out.  Has anyone else ever had this issue?  What did you do to solve it?  I need some lady Viagra!   
Tags: mirena, sex drive

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