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Frameless Levonorgestrel IUD - FibroPlant™-LNG - releasing 14 μg of LNG per day

Introducing a new IUD
Frameless Levonorgestrel IUD - FibroPlant™-LNG releases 14 μg of LNG per day, produced by Contrel, a Belgian company is still in the testing and is not yet commercially available but considering how ridiculously fast Skyla was FDA approved despite the class action lawsuit against Mirena, I suspect that it will be on the market soon. (she says bitterly, lamenting that more copper IUDs haven't been FDA approved).

Studies involving the FibroPlant LNG -

Assessment of menstrual blood loss in women with ideopathic menorrhagia using the frameless levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system

Treatment of primary and secondary dysmenorrhea with a novel 'frameless' intrauterine levonorgestrel-releasing drug delivery system

Menstrual blood loss in women using the frameless FibroPlant® LNG-IUS

New intrauterine technologies for contraception and treatment in nulliparous/adolescent and parous women

I would personally never use an LNG IUD but I know many here would be interested in a novel LNG IUD.
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