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Two Month Mark - No period so far this month?

Hi Guys!
I have been reading your site for a while now, and I just want to say thank you! It has been so helpful to me! I have a couple of questions, so if anyone has any answers they would greatly appreciated. I will post them at the bottom, after I write a little about me. :)
I am a 22 year old nulliparous woman. I decided to go for the mirena after about 15 months of abnormal bleeding, horrible cramps and a possible diagnosis of adenomyosis. I had the mirena placed about two months ago. For most of the first month I had some irregular spotting, and around the time when I should have my period I had some light bleeding/ spotting. Definitely more than the regular spotting, but nothing CLOSE to what my periods are like. I decided to use a combination of Shepard's Purse, Primrose Oil and Yarrow to help with the spotting, which definitely helped. By week 6 or 7 I had no spotting or bleeding at all and I feel completely back to normal. Here's my question though:

I have been unable to find my strings (I have very short fingers) and after the first week my doctor told me to come in to make sure it hadn't been expelled(which it hadn't)and not to worry since the chance of expelling mirena after the first week is so small. Has anyone else had this issue? I am starting to worry the lack of spotting is because I expelled it.

On the same prong, I should have already gotten my period this month, and I haven't had any signs of it (no spotting cramping etc) I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, but should I go in to see my Dr. ? I am a little worried about not having my period and its only the second month.... I was never very regular before birth control, but having this mirena is making me a bit nervous, since I don't know how quickly things can fall into place or go back to normal. Doesn't it take most women 6 months to a year?

Sorry for the long winded post, I am just a bundle of nerves! Thanks in advance!

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