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Paragard partially expelled after 1 year

Hello divas,

I have lost my diva status! Anyways, so I had my first copper iud inserted last June. Four days ago, after a particularly long day swimming at the beach, I had severe abdominal pain that was reminiscent of the pain I felt when I got the copper iud inserted. I scheduled an appointment for planned parenthood to check what was up with this pain. I suspected it was a UTI or maybe my IUD moving, but then when I felt for the strings myself I would feel a fish hooky plastic thing jutting a bit out of my cervix. Got kind of scared because I have been having unprotected sex with my partner, so who knew how long it has been dislodged? So I went to my PPH and after two hours, it was for certain that my iud was down the cervical canal and my uterus accomplished pushing my 1 year paragard out. :( I have another appointment scheduled to insert another paragard, because I loved it, but what are the chances of the next on being expelled too? And I have just started Insanity by Shaun T as well and fear that these "insane" workouts are going to expel it somehow too.
Tags: expulsion, paragard, post-iud, strings

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