Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing (moonstrucky) wrote in iud_divas,
Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing

2 year old Mirena -expelling and then... not?

I'm a 32 year old woman with an almost-2 year old. I had a Mirena before I got pregnant, had it removed, had kiddo, had new Mirena "installed" at 8 week pp visit.
Mid-morning today, I had some really sharp cramps accompanied by bright red blood. Something felt "weird" so I went to check my strings (which I admit I'm pretty forgetful about doing.) I felt strings and then something hard clearly sticking out of my cervix. I figured it was my IUD and for whatever reason, after 2 years, we were parting ways, as it were.
Now, nearly 12 hours later, cramps are gone, bleeding is gone, and IUD strings are back to normal length and location, with no evidence that I ever felt anything on my cervix.
What is happening?

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