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First IUD: Skyla

Friday I got my first IUD, the new Skyla. I'm a 24 female without any kids. I've tried every birth control since 18 except the patch. And right now I'm so glad I chose the iud. Skyla has the same hormone as the Mirena just less of it and it only last 3 years instead of 5.

Reasons I chose it:
Periods are heavy and a week long. (Paragaurd wasn't an option)
The least amount of hormones of any bc
The only thing compatible with my body has been the pill but I
Can't remember to take it the same time everyday.
Not having to worry about bc for 3 years.

Yes the skyla is smaller but it does not decrease pain with insertion. The pain is a very very strong cramp in your lower abdomen. My doctor told me some women are perfectly pain free with insertion but its very rare and she is always surprised. I was given misoprostol to take 6 hrs before. I read a lot of people thinking it decreases pain but according to my dr it opens up the cervix and makes insertion easier for her which in the end can make the procedure easier on me. The pain is nothing that should make you rule out an iud though. The intense pain last a few minutes then some moderate cramping for a few hours afterwards. Ibuprofen will be your best friend.

So far:
I'm loving the Skyla although its only been 2 days. I've got some spotting which is completely normal cramps were gone about 6ish hours after insertion I'm completely cramp free. I just love knowing I have nothing to worry about for 3 years because of a tiny hot pink device inside me.
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