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Another Positive Paragard Insertion Experience

Everything went okay and so far I am happy with my choice!

I'm a 19 year old NP female and this past Thursday (May 9th) I went to get my Paragard inserted. I chose Paragard because I wanted a hormone free option. I used to take BC pills, but I didn't like how they affected me. In high school I was on HBC because I was having two heavy periods a month. After my first year of college I quit taking the pills because I always forgot them and I just didn't feel "right". Once I quit taking them I bounced back and was more happy and sexually attracted to people. Prior to getting the IUD I was using the FAM method (and condoms when I was fertile) of BC and was having no problems with it.

The insertion took about ten minutes start to finish. She explained what she was going to do and all the pinches I was going to feel. It wasn't painful, just unpleasant for about thirty seconds. I spent the whole time editing a photo on my phone to keep my mind off of what was going on. I would say it was maybe a 3/10 on the pain scale. I could feel her measuring and I also felt when she actually inserted the IUD in. It wasn't anything major and I feel like my tattoos probably hurt worse. After it was in my body started cramping (which was expected) and I left.

The cramps were unpleasant, maybe about a seven out of ten. I never used to get cramps before taking BC and then once I quit taking it I started having minor ones before my period. The cramps I experienced were worse than what I normally had, but nothing I couldn't handle. I had lunch and went back to work. I wish I would've went home after the appointment because sleeping after the insertion would have been better for me personally. The cramps lasted for about a day and half and were manageable if I took Ibuprofen. After that I would get a few minor twinges of pain, but they didn't last long. I wore a pad (didn't have any pantyliners) for about four days because I had minor spotting. It has been almost a week since I've had it in and so far no complaints. My strings are short, as are my fingers, so I have had my boyfriend check them for me. I have a follow-up appointment in June and hopefully everything is good when I go in. I plan to post an update then on how things are going.

One question: Has anyone noticed that they are wetter down there after having it inserted? I've had wet spots every now and then in my underwear since the insertion. It's not a bad thing, but I'm not used to it since that hasn't happened to me since I was in high school or so.
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