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Copper IUD (Flexi-T) constant spotting but no period

I had my copper IUD inserted in August 2012. I had heavy bleeding for a couple days then it stopped. I didn't spot nor get a period for 3 months! I panicked and saw my doctor. My IUD was still in place and I wasn't pregnant. I had been on Alesse (birth control pill) for 3 years prior to insertion. Finally, in November, I got my period (terrible cramps, heavy bleeding) for a week. Then in December when I was expecting my period I just started spotting. I've been spotting non-stop since then. I saw my doctor in March, my IUD is still in place and I did a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I haven't had a period since November. I've just been spotting constantly. Sometimes its bright red blood and sometimes its brown stick discharge. I'm getting quite frustrated and I have no idea what is going on. My doctor told me he would take it out when I hit the 1 year mark if nothing has improved. I'm really hopeful it works because the copper IUD was my last resort for birth control because I can't take hormones.
Tags: birth control, copper iuds (all), periods

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