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Cautionary Tale and a Success Story?

Hello! This community has been the best resource ever! I mean it, too, because my doc gave me zero info on IUDs. (And yet when I get advice from a blog I'mmmmm the uninformed one....)

I had been sick of 10 years on the pill. Wanted to get off hormones because I had it in my head that they completely stifled my sex drive. I wanted to feel like "me" again! I asked my doc to switch to an IUD. This is where I should have gone elsewhere. The clinic didn't do them but he'd refer me to the local OBGYN clinic. They should know what they're doing, right? Well, turns out I live next to Ohio State. And so, this was a resident clinic. Meaning not much experience with IUDs yaaay.

Should have been a bad sign when I called to make the insertion appointment and they just gave me a time no say in a date. I asked if they'd rather be on my period? No. Should I take any pain meds if so how much? No advice just the receptionist, great. Hence why I turned to IUD Divas so much!

I first met with a nurse who tried to talk me out of Paragard because I might want children before 10 years. Which 1) she was taking my blood pressure, not her business, 2) you can have an iud taken out any time and a NP should know that, and 3) don't tell me what I want.

I go in and have a fairly normal insertion pain-wise. Not a walk in the park but it was over before I knew it. The weird part was a had a med student learn on me. Yay! So I had not one but two confused gentlemen staring into my vagina. Uncomfortable but also panic inducing as I had this man being guided through the process. Great the number one factor to an IUDs success is probably the experience of the doctor. Well I'm screwed.

After getting out of the intact. I barely cramped. I felt fine really even for not being on my period. When I came in for my follow up appointment it was equally frustrating. Saw a doctor (entirely different person than the insertion) . Told him things were fairly normal. "That's good" he said. "You've gotten over your first period post insertion. Generally that means you're out of the woods and also many women stop having their periods altogether". After I told him I had the PARAGARD he seemed embarased, backpeddled, and swiftly finished the appointment. HE DIDN'T EVEN READ MY CHART. I mean come on. I also asked to have an ultrasound to check placement since I was paranoid and something didn't feel right. Instead he checked my strings (which I can do on my own, no thanks to them as they never told me how). Brushed off again.

Between the nurse who tried to talk me out of it and the doc who thought I had a hormonal iud I was almost convinced they HAD given me Mirena had I not seen the Paragard box.

My very long story is to say SPEAK UP at appointments, IUD related or not. Only YOU know your body. Don't let anyone tell you you're wrong. I feel I've gotten the condescending pat on the head as if to say "don't worry your pretty little head, darlin '. I'm the expert." Ugh. This happens all too often. Stay strong, get a second opinion if you need, heck even change doctors. I'm STILL trying to find a primary :-/
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