Brianna Braden (idreaminglass) wrote in iud_divas,
Brianna Braden

IUD in greater Nashville, TN area?

I'm having quite a lot of trouble finding a doctor to give me an IUD because I'm 18 and have no kids! My mother and physician suggested an IUD (mirena) because I've tried just about everything else. I've been on the NuvaRing for about two years and suddenly these past ten months I keep getting CONSTANT infections from it. Even my gynecologist agreed I need something else but won't provide anything else! I'm miserable! I've had yeast and bacterial infections constantly! It's fine the week I have the Nuvaring out but now the length of time that I have it in without any problems in shortening. I put my ring in three days ago and now I have a full on yeast infection. I'm sick of diaflucin and my doctor told me I can't put tea tree oil or greek yogurt in while using the nuvaring. Please help! I've tried Dr. Trabue at Women's centennial hospital and a few others. Help!
Tags: healthcare professionals, no kids (nulliparous)

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