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new diva here :)

hey all,

thanks to your advice and figuring out what was right for me, i got my iud inserted today. in the end, i chose mirena.

what also helped with the decision between mirena or paragard was that i had just gotten my period a few days ago and i leaked through a super tampon within 15-20 minutes. let's just say that when my guy and i had sex during the first two days of my period, it looked like a crime scene, haha. it was awful!

anyways, i was super nervous about the insertion and took 800mg of ibuprofen before my appt. when the clinician came in for the procedure, she had to calm me down for a good 10 minutes because i was so tense. by the time i was relaxed, she just talked me through each step and honestly, i think the speculum was more painful than the actual insertion. apparently, i have a long vagina (lol). i felt the tiniest bit of pressure but nothing worth crying or commenting about. actually, when she said, "ok, and now you have your iud". i was like, "what? that's it?". it really wasn't bad.

my friend texted me earlier, asked me how it went and i told her, "well, it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. now, i'm just SUPER loopy and craving tacos!". i just took a bubble bath and i'm feeling pretty relaxed. no cramping, pain or bleeding as of yet.

will keep you posted and thanks again for all your help! xx
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