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IUD changeover!

Hey divas!

As can be seen from my previous posts, I am 21, NP, in a LTR and had a copper IUD (T-Safe 380A) inserted in October. Since then I had pain before periods and in the middle of my cycle, heavy periods, constant spotting, pain after sex - you name it!

But I couldn't take it anymore, so on Tuesday I had that IUD taken out at my local Contraceptive and Sexual Health clinic (I'm British) and had a smaller one (TT 380 slimline) inserted.

See below the cut for details.

When I had the first IUD inserted, I realise now that I had a pretty poor experience. The doctor told me that my periods would stop completely (on a copper IUD?!), and it took two attempts, two weeks apart, for the insertion to occur. It was e-x-c-r-u-c-i-a-t-i-n-g, and they spent most of the time during the second time moaning and complaining about the position of the light, which did nothing for my stress as they didn't really seem to notice I was there! I got an infection two weeks after and was on antibiotics for a couple of weeks, and... yeah. Overall, not good.

When I had my second insertion, it was a lot better and a lot calmer. I was in a dedicated clinic rather than a GP's office and I knew that the doctor really understood what she was doing. She gave me two ultrasounds (one before, one after - another thing I didn't get during the first insertion), and said that my previous big IUD was a little low down and definitely too big.

I was put in stirrups, had two people for emotional support, and the process was clearly explained to me. I was told there were three points where I would feel pain, and that proceedings would stop until it waned and I was ready to go on. During those points I gripped their hands, looked away and tried to breathe carefully until the pain eased and - importantly - the muscles relaxed. The doctor told me that I was in control throughout, and that if I didn't want it to happen, it would stop.

I was SO scared, but it wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting! The pain was strong, yes, but no stronger than when I'd had the first insertion, and maybe even less? The removal of the old IUD wasn't very painful, as it's made of flexible rubber - I was told to cough and then the doctor pulled gently on the strings and out it came :)

It's only been a few days, but I think it's an improvement already. I didn't have much pain after the insertion at all, but felt very delicate as it's such an invasive procedure. I've had occasional twinges since, and I think I've taken painkillers twice, but it hasn't been as painful as my previous IUD. Hopefully the settling-down period won't take too long either, since my uterus is used to having something in there and this one doesn't take up as much space.

Here are pictures of the two IUDs - you don't really get a sense of scale, but the new one is at least a third smaller, as you can perhaps tell by the size of the white bits:

TL;DR: I recommend exploring the option of a smaller IUD if you are (like me) petite and/or NP and are experiencing pain. Hopefully this switch over will mean the cessation of my negative symptoms and mean I can finally start loving my IUD! :)

Anyone have a similar experience? Please let me know!
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