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I feel like there's not much information about Skyla at all throughout the internet. Thankfully, I can help :)

I recently got Skyla inserted, about a month ago, and I love it! Best choice I've ever made when it comes to birth control.

Here's a little background info for you guys. Ever since I've gotten my period, my cramps made me bedridden. I'd have to miss school for a week every single month because I didn't have the strength to get up. My flow was ridiculously heavy for my size (I'm 4'11 and I weigh 94 lbs). I had enough of dealing with a natural period so I went to my doctor and they gave me the pill. The pill would work for about 3-5 months, then all of my symptoms would come back. Each time that happened, I got switched to a new type of pill. The amount of different pills I've taken over the course of 5 years was insane. Recently, Ive been having pain throughout the month. My doctors thought I had cysts or even endometriosis. They ordered me to get an ultrasound to check for cysts, in which I had none. Unfortunately, the only way to check for endometriosis is invasive surgery, and I was NOT about to let that happen. Eventually, my doctor mentioned that Skyla was recently approved by the FDA (and by recently, I mean within a week of it being approved). He told me to finish out my birth control pill pack and to come back for insertion when I'm either on or just getting off my period.

The insertion honestly just felt like period cramps. Yes, it was uncomfortable but no it didn't exactly HURT. The only problem was that I was not aware of the possible vasovagal response... I passed out when I was walking to my car. But 10 minutes later I was up and feeling 100% better. I spotted for barely 2 days after and I didn't have cramps.

Throughout the 3-4 weeks I've had Skyla, I LOVE it! My random pains that occurred throughout the month were GONE. The period that I'm currently on right now isn't making me feel like a prisoner of my own bedroom (except for now, but I'm just so happy I wanted to tell someone!). Overall, if the pill isn't working out for you, Skyla is definitely an option. Plus, I dont know if it's only in North Carolina, there was a law passed for certain insurance companies about IUD's and birth control options. I dont know the specifics but I got Skyla for free. No insertion charge or doctor visit charge or anything.

Here's to 3 years (or more) of enjoying Skyla! :)

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