dalespicy (dalespicy) wrote in iud_divas,

Mirena and Pain during Exercise?

Hi All,

I have had my Mirena for exactly 3 weeks tomorrow. The insertion was relatively easy, very little discomfort afterwards. For about a week after, I had some mild backaches, but those cleared up quick. Alas, a new issue has reared its ugly head.

I exercise quite vigorously most days. I have a black belt in Shotokan Karate, run and spin, and do some dance as well. My doctor warned me to give myself a a week or two to let Mirena settle before jumping back in. A week ago, I started exercising again with my normal frequency (about 60-90 minutes every day). I immediatly notices that during vigorous exercise, I feel cramping in my lower abs and upper legs - it feels like menstrual cramps plus. I confirmed that I wasn't suffering a new injury. Has anybody else experienced pain from an IUD during workouts? Is it a passing problem, or can this be long-term? I've found very little about IUDs and athletics in general, so I thought there might be some exercise fans here who might have some tips.

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