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Wondering when/if anyone's period went back to normal with Paragard?

I got my Paragard a little over 2 months ago, and I'm wondering if anyone has useful information about when/if/how long it took for their period to go back to normal duration/intensity after inserting Paragard.

I had the Paragard inserted in early February 2013. I'm 27 yrs old, never been pregnant. I'd been on combination BCPS for almost 10 years, and then switched to progestrin-only last year because of migraines. Pre-Paragard my periods were about 3 days (when not on the pill), very light, very minimal cramping. I opted for Paragard over Mirena because I liked the idea of hormone-free birth control, and also my sister had a bad experience with Mirena previously (severe side effects) so I thought I'd try something different.

I know that Paragard can cause increased flow and duration of periods, but so far I'm really frustrated and looking for some helpful information. I'm on my third period with Paragard now, and each one has lasted 10 days or so, with heavy flow - a big increase from pre-Paragard days. This period seems a bit lighter than the last but still the same number of days. I've had some bad cramping but nothing too terrible, mostly it's just frustrating that my periods drag on and on. I want to stick it out to see if it will get better eventually, but at this point these periods are so awful that I'm ready to try something else.

This forum has been really helpful to me, and I'm hoping for some more specific information about other experiences with Paragard. How long did it take for your period to go back to a normal duration (I'm talking 3-5 days)? Has this happened with anyone? Also I'm curious to know if anyone has had real success with an Ibuprofen regimen. Thank you in advance for your advice!
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