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Paragard expulsion?

Hi divas!
I've had my paragard for 6 months. Inserted after my second child. Had a good relationship with it so far, periods not any worse or any of that.. however my husband and I were getting intimate and I had to ask him to stop because it was like he was hitting something. Ive never felt for my strings, but my husband asked if my "thing" was alright and got me worried..( I asked if he felt a poking he said he didnt know but something was off) so I felt for them and its pretty obvious where they are.. I am freaking out bc I love my paragard and I dont want it to leave :(
Does it sound like a possible expulsion? What should I expect? I waited a while to make my checkup appt and its scheduled for Wed, so thankfully its soon. Obviously no sex til after that

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Tags: expulsion, paragard

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