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Expelled Paragard after 17 months–should I try again?

Hi all,

I posted once here before regarding the wonderful combination of Paragard periods and running... and I'm back with another question.  Well, a long, annoying story, and a question.

I'm 26, no kids, and I got my Paragard hardware installed in August of 2011.  I mostly loved it, aside from a sometimes shortened cycle and heavier periods.  I certainly felt more confident and "natural" than I had in all my years on BCP, knowing that the Paragard wasn't really affecting my emotions, body image, etc like the pills were.  Unfortunately, things began to go sour this past fall, and I ended up expelling my IUD sometime between November and January, getting it removed at the end of January.

Long story short (as short as possible), I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years last May.  Part of said breakup was due to, ahem, lack of sexual activity, so I had a bit of a fun summer.  (alright, an awesome summer)  I started dating a new gentleman last August–I had intended on staying single, but sometimes you find yourself dating someone who lives 200 miles away... yes, it's been an interesting year, but that's an essay for another time.  Things were going great, and after being tested and becoming monogamous we started having unprotected sex.  Due to the distance, our activity has always been, uh, heavily concentrated.  So I caught a nasty cold last November, and suddenly a whole crop of issues presented themselves (I assume due to my immune system basically collapsing for a bit).  Basically, I ended up with BV, low and high-risk HPV, and discovered all this over the course of a few weeks last fall.  Not fun, but nothing too severe.  Just a lot to mentally process at once, and frustrating because the BV was exacerbated by said concentrated sexual activity, which didn't have an end date since we're still long-distance (though I plan to move soon).  Then, around Christmas, my period was late.  I took a pregnancy test, and it turned out positive.  After freaking out and thinking HOW could this possibly happen, I went to Planned Parenthood for a second opinion and my period started the second I walked in the door.  So, that was quite a relief.  A few weeks later I head to the gyno for my colposcopy to assess my newfound cervical dysplasia from the HPV, and as the biopsy is taken, the gyno says "oh... no..." which is clearly exactly what you want to hear when someone has their head in your private area.  Turns out my IUD was low, and I had to get it removed a week later.

So yeah, it was a few months of A LOT of stuff.  I had just taken antibiotics to hopefully eradicate the BV (after doing hydrogen peroxide douches unsuccessfully–but, to be fair, I was still letting my boyfriend ejaculate inside me during that process, which he won't be doing anymore), but since I had to get the IUD removed I have no idea if the IUD exacerbated that problem at all, or if I would have been fine.  The gyno recommended a few months of breathing room to give my body a rest, and then regroup.  My boyfriend is a bit of a natural guy, and I've adopted a lot of his supplement intake (Green Vibrance, apple cider vinegar, etc etc etc), and I've been trying to take increasingly better care of my body, so I came to terms with not using any secondary birth control, just condoms.  But, of course, over a month (a couple visits back and forth), we had two different condoms break.  Two different brands.  No pregnancy scares, but enough to say alright, maybe I need to get back on birth control.  I had been too scared to consider an IUD again, because I had NO idea mine had moved since I couldn't really feel the strings, ever, and I was told by Planned Parenthood to just not worry about it and stop checking (when I went in for a follow-up almost a year after insertion, they looked at me funny, as if it was odd I'd want to check its placement).  Also, when my gyno removed the Paragard (during my period), he said, and I quote, "wow, this is quite a period."  So I figured oh, maybe this isn't the best option for me, since I already had 7 day periods before the IUD (which I always thought was completely normal).  I recently started on Ortho Lo again, which I was on throughout college and was pretty fine on.  But now, 3 weeks in, I've been bleeding for 9 days straight, everything I eat makes me bloated, and I feel horrible even though I'm eating healthier and exercising more efficiently than ever.  I just don't feel like myself at all.  So I'm thinking it may be time to try the IUD again.  I understand the pill has an adjustment period, but in all honesty, with the way the past 6 months have gone, I don't have the patience to feel like crap for several months.  (nor did I have any of these issues when starting Ortho lo years ago)  Also, again, I travel a lot and plan to move this summer, so I would prefer to iron this out sooner rather than later if I can.

I suppose my question is this: basically, I'd love some reassurance... I had my Paragard for 17 months.  I know there's a greater risk of expulsion for the second IUD, but I had mine for quite some time with no explanation as to why it suddenly wanted out.  My gyno had literally no idea.  I've read some back entries, but would love to hear any stories of success with a second Paragard, especially with an initial expulsion after 3 months–I only have one close friend who's used it, and she's lost 3, so that's not that comforting.  Also, does anything else I've written about send out a red flag for anyone?  The HPV, the BV... are these things that I should worry about moving forward, or does this just sound like a lot of bad luck as once?  My gyno did say we could consider it in the future when I got the first one removed, and I have an appointment Thursday to discuss it with him.  I suppose I'd just love to hear from some other IUD users, since again, I don't really know any.  Also, any advice on how to relieve IUD-related anxiety would be appreciated, haha.

Thanks for reading!

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