lizannmb (lizannmb) wrote in iud_divas,

IUDs and lack of menstruation

I am 26-years-old and never-been pregnant. I had a copper/Paragard IUD placed in November and had minimal pain the first day and have been fine since.

However, I have not had a menstrual period. I bleed a bit the few days after the IUD was placed but no real period that suggests ovulation. I had previously been on birth control pills, for nine years.

I know that it is likely not the copper IUD that would be causing this, really how could it be? But every time I call my gynecologist's office, the office staff brushes me off or sighs and says "do you want a pregnancy test?" No, I have bought about 12 pregnancy tests and all are negative. I'm concerned I have some disease here.

Even though I am happy with my IUD, does it seem as if I should get it removed as something is obviously wrong with my body? Give my body as much chance as possible to regain normalcy?It's been 5 months without a period. I do not have any health issues that I am aware of.

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