Sara (rubymermaid) wrote in iud_divas,

Great, painless Mirena insertion

I am 25 years old, never been pregnant, and got my first IUD, the Mirena, inserted on Friday afternoon (two days ago) at Planned Parenthood.

First off, the insertion did not hurt for me. I felt some pressure and I was getting really nervous about pain, but it never came! I was pleasantly surprised. The cervix clamp barely registered and I felt some pressure with the sound instrument, but the tube with the Mirena did not feel like much. I believe my clinician was very experienced with inserting IUDs which was wonderful.

I had it inserted on the last day of my period which I think was smart and may have helped for less pain. Now I did take 800 mg (4 Advil) 2-3 hours before the procedure and then again 6 hours later (800 mg) for cramping. And again once before bed (600 mg). Not sure if that was too much ibuprofen for one day, but I did not need any painkillers after the first day. Immediately after the procedure I went to the beach to watch my boyfriend and his friends surf. Although I personally was not up for the physical exertion of getting in the water, I did climb around the jetty and beach comfortably.

The day after I still had a sore feeling and when I gently investigated my strings in the shower while lying down I made myself quite dizzy, but the feeling disappeared completely once I got out of the shower and laid down. I have had no dizziness since.

I asked about my menstrual cup and my doctor seemed to think it would not be a problem. Since I am a 2 year veteran of the cup, I decided to resume its use immediately and did not have a problem with it.

My doctor said no sex for 3 days, which I had not read or heard anywhere before, but I have been following her advice thus far (today is day 3).

My questions are:

Is being sore on day 3 okay? The soreness is not preventing me from anything other than heavy lifting and hard physical exertion, I am still going out and living my life. I think it's my cervix that feels sore, but I don't usually feel my cervix so it may be my uterus?

I would probably not have wonderful sex right now anyways, but did anyone get told to wait a certain period of time?

EDIT: I only ended up waiting 48 hours for intercourse. Sex was actually great and alleviated the crampy feeling. My significant other did get poked once though. Poor thing. Hope to curl the strings up next time.

Also, I don't seem to be bleeding much like most other users report. Just a bit of end of period brown which might just be the end of my period (started on Monday and today is Sunday). Overall I am very happy with my experience and will update in one week!

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