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I Want to get my IUD Paragard/copper removed and it's only been a week.

Hello all. I am a 26 yr old female. I have no children, one abortion, and I recently had the copper IUD inserted. The insertion was pretty painful. It hurt more than my abortion. I think that is because they had to dilate my cervix to get into measure the depth of my uterus. During the dilating my legs started to twitch uncontrollably. The NP let me rest before moving forward with the IUD insertion. The insertion wasn't as bad at the dilating... I think. By then it all seemed to merge together :( I feel like a baby... I even cried out in pain. I thought to myself, I can't even handle this, how was I going to do with labor!! LOL

When he was done, I was sshakyand nauseated. He had me lay on my side til I was feeling kinda ok. I drove myself home. Just felt ill...

I have had cramping and a coconstantorm of bleeding. Light, heavy, tissue, mucus, clots,ect. I know this was to be expected.

Last night I woke up out of a dead sleep 12:00AM in pain. Major cramping! But little blood if any... I took some naproxen and took a hot bath. That didn't help I drink alot of water and eveventuallyas laying stomach down on a heating pad in a crunching form... Took about three hours for the pain to go down enough for me to doze off.

I made sure to take some midol before work today.. have had mild cramping and constant light blood. Just took another dose of Midol.

Just thought I would give you my pathetic back story... because I have decided if this is the minimum of discomfort to be expected, I don't want it anymore. I have decided that I want it removed. I no longer feel comfortable enough with it in me. I sound like such a baby! OYE!

Do you think my doctor will remove it only after 1 week?

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