sheisslothlike (sheisslothlike) wrote in iud_divas,

Strings suddenly much shorter?

I recently had Paragard inserted less than a week ago and I have been sexually active since I got it. It felt fine at first, the strings were at least an inch long if not a little more and I definitely know how to feel for them. I have had unprotected sex and felt assured that nothing would go wrong because I trusted the IUD. I had never had sex without condoms but I felt like the Paragard was going to pull through for me. But last night I felt for my strings and they were very short, only a tiny bit was poking out of my cervix. I am really nervous now that something is wrong with my IUD? I don't feel like it is expelling because the strings are definitely there but it is as if my uterus sucked them up or something? It is too late for me to take a Plan B now if my IUD has not been working. Has anyone else experienced this?
Tags: condoms, paragard, strings

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