MissMacabre88 (missmacabre88) wrote in iud_divas,

Suddenly spotting?

Sorry to flood the board, everyone. I just got in from work and when I went to take a pee I noticed some blood. Thankfully I've been wearing pantyliners every day since my insertion (1 week ago today). I haven't experienced any bleeding up until today. Not even after the insertion! (There was a bit of brown discharge after insertion, but I think that was mostly iodine).

I'm kinda worried. I felt around and I could finally sort of feel the string, although pretty high up, and it's not really "hanging" down at all, it feels like it's definitely wrapped around my cervix and/or really short.

For those of you who read my post from yesterday, I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating because I've been experiencing period like cramps for the past couple of says.

Is this type of light bleeding normal? I just think it's weird that I didn't bleed at all last week and now suddenly I am.

I finished my antibiotics for the BV and the boyfriend and I were super stoked to finally have sex for the first time since insertion. He says he doesn't know if he wants to now because we're not sure if the bleeding is normal. He wants me to call the clinic and ask but they're closed until tomorrow.

Am I worrying for no reason?!
Tags: bleeding, copper iuds (all), cramping, flexi-t, no kids (nulliparous), risks/side effects, strings, updates short term

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