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Second Paragard Insertion

I'm a 21 year old who has not have given birth and will not intend to until I'm in my late 20s.
I had to get my first IUD out because it was the bottom plastic tip was visible from my cervix.
Here is the previous post I made --->

I go into the clinic to get my first paragard to be removed and to have a new one put in.
I go in the room with my SO and the physician comes in with a trainee. I agree to the procedure being done with two pair of eyes on my lady bits.
First they take out the first IUD and then they go in with the new insertion procedure. There was a point in which they forgot to prepare the sound device in advance, so I'm laying on the table with my lady bits exposed for a good 3 minutes. Finally, the trainee comes in with the sound and the physician sounds me and puts in the paragard. I want to say that this second insertion hurt more than it did the first time. For my first insertion the tenaculum was what hurt me only, but this time t was the sound and the actual insertion that hurt me. Since I have never experienced cramps in my life, I got to feel them more prominently with this second insertion. She trimmed my strings and was done. I asked if I could have the IUD as a reward and she agreed. I will post a picture of it when it first came out and after I washed it clean.

During the night, It was hard for me to sleep because I would experience cramps and it didn't help that I had contracted a urinary tract infection. Now, I don't know how I contracted it, but I sure don't hope it was from the insertion.

This post is just to keep everyone posted on my process. Thank you.

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