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IUD Expulsion

Hi all!

I had my paragard for more than 3 months now, and as the title states, it is showing signs of expulsion. Here is my paragard insertion experience--->
Some background information from me: I am 21, not a virgin, and Ive never been pregnant. Also, I use a menstrual cup when I'm on my period.

So far so good with the paragard. I really love my little copper friend, but apparently my uterus does not. hahaha
No pregnancies so far. No increase of menstrual flow or cramps. I have never felt a real menstrual cramp, just pressure, but even that is very rare.

There was a point in which I was checking my strings and I felt a bump on my cervix, and I thought that it could have been the tip of the IUD. So, I did some research and figured out that it was a cyst and it should go away on its own (since they are common). From there of I didn't think about it that much, and went on with my day. The next day I felt the bump, but this time is wasn't that pronounced. It had gone down.And then the day after that one I did not feel any bump at all!!! So, I was "This is great!!!"

Just yesterday I had an appointment at a clinic that specializes on birth control. I had an appointment for a pap smear (first one). The physician comments on how the paragard has been for me so far, and I reply saying that it has been treating me well and that I love that little invader. She also mentions that she is able to see the plastic bottom of the paragard. At that point I'm really freaked out and she calms me down by telling me that the paragard is still doing its job since its a spermicide. She also asked me if my SO cour feel it and if I had any major cramps, because the paragard was this low. And I told her that my SO did not feel it (which was weird because he is very sensitive) and that I didn't get any cramps from the paragard at all! (Also, I was expecting cramps. So its very weird). The physician told me that I should make an appointment to get it taken out and insert a new one. My appointment is for tomorrow. An if this does not go correctly, then I may not be a candidate for an IUD. I've been looking at none hormonal bc methods if this does not go right. My next choice would be to buy a LadyComp or a Pearly (fertility monitors). They are known to be 99.3% accurate, so I'm willing to give them a try. I would used the fertility monitors and condoms on fertile days.

My question for you ladies or men, is are there any other IUDs that would best apply to me? (hopefully none hormonal and in California). Has anyone experienced this before? (I'm sorry if this has been asked before). Has anyone heard of the fertility monitor LadyComp, or has used something related?

Thank you in advance, I much appreciate the time and your reply.
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