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UPDATE: I've officially been I-U-Ded!

Just wanted to let everyone who read my previous post about pre-insertion fears know that I've officially been I-U-D-ed, 24 hours ago.

The insertion was pretty painful (I opted for the copper, Flexi-T 300), but very quick. I have to say, to me the most painful part of it was how wide the doctor opened the spaculum. I go for an annual pap every year and I don't think I've ever had my lady parts spread open that wide. :s (This makes me think of how wonderful child birth must feel!) I think the next part was the sounding which was also very sharp and momentarily painful. I had terrible anxiety and managed to get through this, but I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for being by my side and holding my hand.

My one concern is that I tested positive for bacterial vaginosis. The nurse gave me a 7-day prescription to clear it up, however I guess I find it strange that that they'd go ahead with the procedure when I have BV. But I'm trying not to think about it too much, as BV is the most common type of vaginal infection and it happens to the best of us and generally clears itself up on its own. I just hope there isn't a better chance of me developing PID because of this. Like I said, best not to think about it too much and stress myself out!!! I do that too often.

Cramping afterwards was so minimal that it was almost non-existent. I felt really bloated last night though and had a hard time sleeping, I think just because of the anxiety that comes with having a foreign object inside of me and not knowing how my body is going to handle it over time. I took two 220 mg tabs of Aleve about an hour before my appointment, but I also ended up having to wait two hours from the time I arrived before I actually went in for the insertion. I don't think it did much for the insertion pain, but I haven't had any cramps so that's probably why. I get a bit of slight cramping around my butt hole and vaginal opening, but it's not overly uncomfortable or anything like that. As far as abdominal cramping goes, like I said, pretty much non-existent. I've also experienced very minimal spotting. I put a pad on after the procedure and there wasn't much on it. It's a brown discharge, I think some of it might be iodine. So today I switched to a pantyliner and am still getting just a little bit of brown discharge.

So that's basically it. I had my insertion done just three days after my last period ended so I'm not due for another one until around April 17th. I'm hoping it's not too terrible. I've never had terrible periods before. Usually I get crampy and bitchy the day before and the first day of my period, and I have a heavy flow for about a day or two, and then it's very light. So I hope whatever happens is bearable. And I'm really just hoping my BV clears up for now. I want my uterus to be OK with this because there are just too many negative side effects with birth control, especially for someone such as myself who has essential hypertension at such a young age. Here's to hoping for the best!!! I'll post another update in a few weeks.

Also, just as a closing note, I've been a bit gassy and the medication I'm on for the BV is making my mouth taste really metallicy (the pharmacist said this would happen). My pee and poop are also really dark, but I was also warned that this would be a side effect. I read somewhere that this medication will clear up the BV but I might get a yeast infection as a result. Is this true? is there really NO winning with a vagina?! It seems so. :/

Second closing note: I asked about feeling around to make sure the string was still there and the nurse told me not to do that. I am scheduled to go back in a month for a follow up to make sure the IUD is still in place and the BV has cleared up. I keep reading about people checking for their strings... Has anyone else been told NOT to do that??

Thanks! Take care, everyone! :)

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