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Possible Mirena expulsion? Please help

I had a Mirena IUD inserted on February 8th. I am 18 and nulliparous. I had a very easy insertion. My strings were cut very short - normally I am just able to feel them poking out of my cervix. My doctor did not mention anything about checking for strings, or coming in for a follow up appointment. I checked for my strings yesterday, and I cannot feel anything, not even the small poky part that is normally there. I have also had heavy spotting every day since insertion, and today I have none at all. I am due to get my first post-Mirena period in 5 days, according to my period tracker. My boyfriend checked for the strings yesterday as well, and he was sure he could feel them. However, I cannot feel anything at all. I have had this happen one other time, right after I got the IUD. I went to the clinic and the doctor was able to just barely see the ends of the string. I didn't feel anything expel, and I make a point of checking when I go to the bathroom. The other time when I was not able to feel strings was right after my period, and now that I am approaching it again is it possible that the strings have just moved up slightly? They are quite short. My concern is the complete halt of the steady bleeding that I have had since insertion, and the fact that for two days in a row I have not been able to feel my strings. Should I go to a clinic? Or call my gynecologist? In Canada we don't go for regular gyno appointments until age 21, so the only time I have been there was for the IUD. My boyfriend and I have still been using condoms because I know I am a statistical risk for expulsion. Hopefully pregnancy would not be an issue. So is it possible that my strings have just softened/moved up slightly or does this sound like a case of expulsion? Please help! I'm an 18 year old pre-med student whose life would be royally screwed up because of a pregnancy at this point and I am very worried, because condoms are not 100% protection.
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