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New Diva, Insertion Not Horrible

Hi Divas!

I just got my first IUD today (Paragard) and I'm happy to report that it wasn't that bad! I am 24 and have never had children. My doctor gave me a prescription for Cytotec (1 200mg tablet) with instructions to take 6 hours prior to my appointment. I took the Cytotec along with 1 regular strength Aleve (I was trying to mitigate cramps from the Cytotec that I'd read about) 8 hours before my appointment. I did not experience any noticeable side effects from the Cytotec or the combination of it with Aleve. One hour prior, I took an oxycodone because I have a very low pain tolerance.

The entire process was only slightly more uncomfortable than a pap smear. The actual insertion felt like a big cramp and it really was over quickly. It took 5 minutes tops and that was only because the nurse stepped out of the room still holding the scissors and we had to wait for her to come back so the doctor could cut them. I was immediately able to sit up afterwards -- but got up too quickly and became very dizzy/nauseous. That was most likely due to the oxycodone (I'm always a little loopy when I take it). I had to stay in the exam room for 10 minutes for it to subside before I could leave. Luckily, my husband was able to come with me so I did not have to worry about driving.

I initially planned to go back to work, but since I punked out and took the oxycodone, I took the remainder of the day off and took a nap when I got home. Since leaving I have continued to have cramps -- nothing major, just uncomfortable. I have only taken regular strength Aleve thus far, but my doctor gave me a 'script for the prescription strength version (Naproxen).. I will get that tomorrow as I do plan to return to work in the morning.

Just thought I'd post this, because IUD-Divas definitely helped in my decision to get an IUD. Glad I can finally join the conversations! :)
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