sarah (herminia) wrote in iud_divas,

First week with IUD

I got my Paragard one week ago today. Insertion was much more painful than I anticipated since I have a fairly dramatically anteverted uterus and the physician had to "straighten out the bend" in my uterus to insert the IUD. I had severe cramps and felt shaky for awhile. The next day, my cramps were too severe to go to work, so I stayed home with a heating pad. By afternoon, I felt alright but after standing for 10 minutes to shower, I had came down with crippling cramps that didn't let up for about 24 hours. Now, one week in, I am having spotting and more or less constant moderate-to-severe cramps, which I am hoping let up soon. How did you determine how long to give your IUD a chance? I am not planning on yanking it yet since I've not given my uterus any time to adjust to the IUD, but I want to set a reasonable date for removal if I don't feel better... three months? six months? 
Tags: copper iuds (all), cramping, paragard

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