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Paragard insertion - not bad at all

I had my Paragard inserted earlier today, and all seems well so far. The appointment ended up falling a few days after my period ended. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen about an hour and a half beforehand, but the doctor did not prescribe the cervix-softening drugs that it sounds like many people use. The whole thing was over before I knew it. First the speculum, then some swabbing. Then the sound, which felt like a bad menstrual cramp but more spread throughout my abdomen. I thought, "that wasn't so bad," having read lots of descriptions on here where the sounding is the worst part. While she got the IUD set to the right measurement, the doctor told me that my cervix was being quite cooperative so far. That made me hopeful that the rest wouldn't be significantly worse, which helped me relax a lot. When she actually put the IUD in, I felt a pinch and another strong cramp, and then some residual mild cramps. When the doctor started talking about other things, I asked, "is it in there already?", because I could hardly believe that we were actually all done! She assured me that it was in there! They had me lie down for a few more minutes, then the nurse came back to talk about a few things. She had me slowly get up, and everything seemed fine - I just felt like I had period cramps. I was prepared to take the bus home and collapse if needed, but I felt good enough that I biked right back to work and then biked home at the usual time. It's been about four hours since the insertion now, and I'm bleeding a little bit and having what feels like normal period cramps.

Overall, the whole thing wasn't bad at all. I basically felt two cramps, one when the sound went in and one when the IUD went in. Nothing felt worse than a bad period cramp, and it was over before I knew it. Here's hoping that things continue to go as smoothly as the insertion did!

Edited to add that I'm 25 and have never been pregnant.
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