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Stop Here First: How To Post To IUD-Divas

How To Post to IUD Divas (and get helpful response)
Welcome! Please look around at recent entries, the archives, and the tags.

For experienced and new users alike, we recommend you do some research before posting! The FAQ and Polls/Surveys are helpful to start out with, as well as the tags specific to each iud model. Keep in mind that people tend to post when they're having problems. Reading some updates long term might help keep things in perspective, particularly if you've just gotten your IUD! For the scientifically-minded, comm member enismirdal has been compiling periodic roundups of recent research about IUDs. You can find her roundups as well as other new findings in the science and links tags.

If you don't have an IUD yet, you're probably curious about your consultation and insertion.

More experienced IUD users might find their answer looking in the tags specific to their question (bleeding, cramping, iuds and menstrual cups, etc)

If you have specific questions that your research didn't answer, please post! In order to post to IUD_Divas, you need to be a member. Click the "join community" link on the top right on our profile page.

You can find more information about posting to communities here. If you include links in your post, it will go to the moderation queue for no more than 48 hours, more likely an hour or two. If you post without links, it will post immediately.

Experienced users have some other advice as to how you can get a quick, helpful response:
1. Try to say your question right up front. Giving the background is useful, but if your question isn't stated in your headline or as its own paragraph, your readers might miss it.
2. Useful information to give, if you feel comfortable: your age (range is ok), whether you've ever been pregnant (0 pregnancies=nulliparous), what kind of IUD you have, and how long you've had it.
3. If your question is about finding a doctor, choosing between available IUDs, or something along those lines, your location matters!
4. If your post is super long (like this one), please use an LJ cut for the background information and any long stories. (Here's how.) It's helpful to put the question outside of the cut, though.
5. Bonus: Please try to research given the above links before you post a question. If you don't feel convinced or informed by what you've found, it's helpful to say a little bit about why. That way, we know how to focus our responses, and know that you're not trying to avoid a little bit of effort.

A few other things that are worthwhile to point out, including our comm norms (described in the user info and this post):
1. Be respectful of other users. No flaming, no name-calling. Do this, and you'll be banned. We are trying to keep this a safe and informative space for everyone.
2. Do not delete comments. Do not screen comments. It's more helpful for users who find your post later!
3. We are not licensed medical advice, and everything should be taken with a grain of good judgement.
4. Please format your posts in a readable way. This means regular sized, black, standard font; a reasonable attempt at good spelling and grammar; and appropriate punctuation.
5. We have a rather diverse community. Our users come from all over the world, get IUDs for myriad reasons, have different medical coverage situations, and vary in relationship status, sexual orientation and gender identity. What this means is that you should keep this in mind with your wording. The most problematic one of late?* Ladies, girls, etc. Please try "people", "iud users", even "iud divas".
6. Here, we like to cite how we know what we know.

* No, seriously, I just talked to someone on VP who said that he specifically did not want to post to IUD-Divas because he felt that he was not welcome. This is someone with a uterus and an IUD, someone who needed our help. He was able to get it from VP, but it is not ok that we are scaring people off. Does this happen with people who are not confident in their English or feel intimidated by our tendency towards (x factor here)?

Discussion question: How can we set up IUD_Divas as an accessible, welcoming community? I know it's kind of overwhelming right now.

Does anyone have any constructive criticism to give me about the "how to post" post?
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