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Hi Everyone,

I already posted about my new Paragard IUD from Planned Parenthood and the BV that I was diagnosed with a week later.  The problem now is that the BV's gone, but the symptoms aren't any better.

My IUD insertion was painful, but it was over very quickly.  After that, I had really bad cramps for several hours, but they tapered off over a couple of days.  Honestly, it really seemed pretty easy at first.

Since I had it inserted on the first day of my period, everything seemed regular for the first week.  Then, on the first day after my period (so about a week after insertion), I noticed that my discharge was yellowish and really thick - like snot.  The odor isn't bad or even abnormal for me, but it just looks and feels really gross.  Then, I thought that I felt a bump on my cervix when I checked the strings, so I went to be checked out at urgent care.

The urgent care doctor said something about my cervix being closed at an odd angle (she said that it was likely due to the new IUD), and she thought that the discharge might be normal after having the IUD placed - but she wasn't a gynecologist or anything like that.  Anyway, she did a wet mount just to be sure, and it turns out that I had BV.  She gave me Flagyl, and I went on my way.

I followed up with Planned Parenthood a few days later, just to see if I should still be worrying.  The practitioner there thought that my cervix looked normal as far as how it was closed, and really had to feel around to even find it to feel for the bump, but she couldn't find the bump and didn't seem worried (even though I can still feel it - maybe it's just my normal anatomy though).  She asked me if my paps have come back normal, and they always have - and also, my general doctor tested me for strains of HPV last year, and the results were negative.

She did comment that I had a LOT of discharge, and she had to use swabs to wipe it away so that she could even see my cervix.  She also said that my cervix was slightly red, and that it could indicate infection, but that it could also be normal.

Anyway, she did another wet prep, and everything came back normal this time.  She tested for STIs just to be sure because of my symptoms, but she said that given my history (been with my fiancé for three years and he has no symptoms and had very few sex partners before me, and I also had routine testing done back in March, plus I didn't have any symptoms at all prior to the insertion of the IUD), she finds it really unlikely that they will be positive.  She told me they would call only if they come back positive, but other than that, to give them until Wednesday to call if I want to confirm that they're negative.  So far, I haven't heard anything.

If it's not that though, she is basically saying that it's just cervicitis.  But WHY?  Did any of you experience this?  She doesn't seem to think that it's normal, even after a new IUD placement.  It's not particularly horrible, other than the fact that it's thick and gross - but mostly it's just the worry that is driving me insane.  I am convinced that I have PID because I've been having some cramps over  the past few days, but they have also been accompanied by extreme nausea and also gas and #2 issues, and I know that's likely to be the antibiotics that I have to continue until tomorrow morning.   Plus the symptoms are on and off, and I think that PID symptoms would be constant.

Am I just really weird or something?  At this point, the discharge has not really let up (two weeks after insertion), and it is really thick and snot-like, and ranges in color from really light yellow to almost a dark yellow or slightly tan.


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Jan. 10th, 2012 11:57 pm (UTC)
I wonder if a teensy tiny bit of blood in your discharge could be staining it odd colours and making it look surprising? Blood certainly wouldn't be surprising for 2 weeks post-insertion...

I think discharge changes with an IUD are fairly common (this is based on my admittedly imperfect recollection of previous discussions here). Thick stringy bits does sound familiar...I may just also be more aware of what mine does these days, but I have noticed the occasional interesting gloopy bit and more occasional snotty bit (although I seem to get more watery discharge these days as well).

I wonder if your cervix is still just angry about the whole thing and therefore is just producing a lot more mucus than normal while it's inflamed and sulking, and once it starts to settle down with its new housemate, it'll get back to something more normal for you...?
Jan. 11th, 2012 02:51 am (UTC)
My discharged changed with my Mirena, and hasn't switched back. I am negative for BV or yeast infections. My discharge's odor is slightly stronger, and it is yellow and thick. Sorry, for the TMI, but that's what happened to me. My OB/GYN was and still is unconcerned about it. :)
Jan. 11th, 2012 03:16 am (UTC)
Wacky discharge is the new norm for me. Not necessarily all the time, but regularly. -Paragard, 1.5 years
Jan. 11th, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
So long as it's not foul-smelling or accompanied by other symptoms, like itching, that sounds pretty normal. I had a lot of yellowish discharge for about two weeks after getting my Paragard, until my first period after the IUD insertion. After that things went back to normal for me, but you can expect all kinds of discharge, etc. for about six months as the IUD settles in. Hang in there!
Jan. 11th, 2012 11:41 am (UTC)
My discharge went seriously mega-snotty after insertion. I actually mentally put it down to coming off hbc, rather than having the IUD put in, but it could have been either.

I think it took a month or two to settle down, and now it's just normal-looking again. But more snotty around ovulation and sometimes just at random. But yeah, it was a bit of a shocker when it started, just after insertion!

Hope yours settles down too, and isn't an indicator of anything else. :)
Jan. 11th, 2012 12:01 pm (UTC)
After my insertion I got super weird discharge for awhile -- darker than I was used to and def a little more yellow in color, and it was very thick and even lumpy (like a little ball of rubber cement). I feel like that stuck around for several months. I feel like around that time, I had seen other posts about icky snotty discharge on this forum, so I wasn't terribly concerned. Since you don't have any infections, I'd chalk it up to your cervix being snotty (ha) about your new IUD and see if it calms down after awhile! I have monthly fluctuations in the fluid that comes out, of course, but it's not a constant thick yellow-ish any longer.
Jan. 12th, 2012 04:33 am (UTC)
Would seeing a poll help? I asked a similar question here because my discharge changed to something clumpy, yellow-whitish, and thicker after insertion. Multiple docs have assured me that it is normal, and one even said that she thought the strings altered the consistency. I've been swabbed for multiple STIs (as part of a research study), and screened for yeast; no go.
Aug. 19th, 2012 07:11 pm (UTC)
shihtzulover hey, im new to iud divas but im also having this insanely gross discharge, but no pain, etc. since you posted this in january, as the discharge gone away? did you get any answers?
Apr. 15th, 2013 06:46 am (UTC)
I have been having my marina iud over a year nd 3 mons now nd the discharge has gotten worse. It is thick nd clear sometimes white or yellowish. I have never paid attention to if it happens more around ovulation time or not but I kno seeing these commercials has gotten me scared. All of ur comment really help settle some of my concerns but I hv a problem no one has spoken on. My obgyn said to check for the string after every cycle to mk sure it has not migrated but I cnt feel it I hv even tried to hv my husband feel for it. Idk if I should be really worried because my cervix is I guess deep (dnt kno if thts the rght term) other thn the discharge there are no other complications. So should I be worried? I just moved 400mil away to a different city my husband's insurance hasn't kicked in yet nd im not sure if urgent care will see me for something like. Do I need to find an obgyn quickly?
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