dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in iud_divas,

Mirena and...Gas?

Hey y'all!  So I'm in month 5 with my Mirena and it's great so far.  I've noticed, however, that I seem to be more prone to attacks of gas.  I don't pass said gas more, I just notice crazy gas pains and a swollen belly, especially in the week following when I would normally ovulate. I can't correllate it to my diet, it just seems to be...uh...gas.  I wake up in the middle of the night with the pain sometimes. 

I feel like I had a bad set of gas pains after my insertion, but my doc told me that there was (her words) "no possible way that could happen."  Well, my many years of period drama makes me think that your reproductive system can mess with all kinds of other bodily systems, so I'm not sure I believe her.

Anybody had a similar reaction? At present I'm doing yoga to get the gas -out-, but other suggestions are welcome, too.
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