Erin (natane) wrote in iud_divas,

Leg pain + IUD (Mirena)

I posted about this earlier, but it's still here, and it's bothering me.

Ever since I got the IUD (Mirena) put in (January 15th, over 2 weeks ago), I've had pains in my right leg. It's in my thigh, although it comes all the way down to my knee sometimes and all the way up past my hip and in, towards my uterus. It seems to be pretty deep. Just a random pain down my thigh.

No, I'm not ovulating (unless I have been on and off for two weeks?!). No, not a muscle sprain or anything. I'm thinking nerve pain.

It started at first in response (?) to my cramps, I think, but it seems to be continuing on its own now.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking it'd be very important to mention this to my doctor at the one-month checkup...

All I can think of is that perhaps my IUD is poking up into my fallopian tube area and it's causing nerve pain down my leg.

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