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Canadian Question: Nova-T or Flexi-T?

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading the posts in this community for the past several months and first off, thank you everyone for being so open and helpful! I’ve made the decision to get a copper IUD and everything I’ve read here has been so helpful and reassuring.

My question is regarding the different types of copper IUDs available in Canada. I believe that the 2 types of copper IUDs available here are the Nova-T and Flexi-T. I kind of thought that I would like a Flexi-T – I’ve read that it’s smaller and therefore might cause less severe cramping and easier insertion than the Nova-T (I’m NP BTW). However, I went to my consultation yesterday and the doctor (after trying to convince me to get a Mirena) gave me a prescription for the Nova-T and told me they sell them there for about $150. I’m going back in a few weeks for the insertion. This is the Bay Centre for Birth Control in Toronto. 

So, my questions are these: Does anyone have any opinions/info on the Nova-T vs. the Flexi-T? Is there a difference? Should I try to get a Flexi-T instead of the Nova-T? Also, I thought I had read somewhere here that someone had purchased a copper IUD in Toronto for $80 – is this true? Does anyone have any experience buying copper IUDs in Toronto? Money is an issue so I would like to find the best price. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies!!         

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