December 31st, 2013


From Paragard to Essure

MODS: If this goes against community policy or anything, please feel free to remove it. I'm mostly just C&Ping what I posted in my own journal about my Essure procedure yesterday which included my the removal of my IUD which turned out to be embedded and in pieces.

READERS: This was a gynecological procedure that essentially went awry due to issues with my malformed anatomy. I was a one in a BILLION case, this is VERY unlikely to happen to anyone else. Do not read this and get a negative idea about a procedure that a the gynecological surgeon I nanny for described to me as “so easy a trained monkey could do it in under 15 minutes.” My body has always been a bit weird! Just 2 months ago I had a breast cancer scare because my breasts are made of armpit tissue, so what doctors thought was a lump in my breast was actually a swollen lymph node in the wrong place of my anatomy. It has been a common experience in my life that a doctor says, "Huh, that's interesting..." during an exam. I am literally (<--used the proper way) in medical text books because I am a strange case in different ways. Another reason why my genes need to not be passed on!
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[Ever After High] Maddie

Hi Guys

History: I was on various HBC pills from age 18 til this past March when I got Mirena inserted. I'm almost 24, unmarried, no kids.

Problem: Yesterday/Today I've noticed tenderness when I press my lower abdomen, between my belly button and my pubic hair. It doesn't bother me except when I push down on it. I had sex back at the end of October (two months ago), but he didn't finish. So I'm not likely to be pregnant. I've not really had a period since the insertion but I do remember some spotting last month. Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain?