December 29th, 2013

Skyla Insertion- Fear of Infection/ Are my Cramps Normal?

Hi all,
I just got my Skyla inserted on Friday afternoon, and I'm afraid of the "life-threatening infection" it talks about in the pamphlet and how would I know if I had that. All week I had been reading posts from here so that I would be more informed and less freaked out and know what to expect. It says that I would have "severe pain" if I did have an infection, and I wasn't sure I had that until I read insertion posts and how most people had mild cramping. My cramps were horrible. Like, the worst period cramps I could imagine, it felt like someone was milking my uterus (sorry). But it wasn't a constant pain, it came in waves, and occasionally I would forget completely about my uterus and then the pain would come again. Trying to get to sleep was really difficult due to that. Yesterday and today I woke up without any kind of pain, and occasionally I have a cramp or two, but nothing compared to what I experienced Friday. I have also been feeling really really fatigued. I don't have a fever or chills, but I just feel exhausted, and I'm afraid this is because my body is fighting off an infection or something.

Is all of this normal? Did anyone else experience really painful cramps like that the first day?