December 28th, 2013

Paragard insertion story

22, in a longterm monogamous relationship, no children. I wrote out a summary of my Paragard insertion at Planned Parenthood. It's not as detailed as some, but I was just trying to get it all written down fast.

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I have had no cramps since the insertion, which was over 6 hours ago. That may have something to do with the 5mg Percocet I took after the insertion, though. I really wasn't interested in cramps after that insertion. I took advantage of how great I felt by going for a good, long walk with my fiancé. No real bleeding, either.

So far, I feel very happy with my decision, very proud of myself for going through that pain. I just hope the damn thing stays up there where it belongs! I know I'm speaking too soon, but I feel good about this. The NP seemed very competent during the insertion.

Does anyone know if uterus size has much to do with expulsion? I measured at 7cm, and I know the minimum required for Paragard is 6cm. Will that extra tiny bit perhaps help me keep this sucker in?