December 19th, 2013

4 week Mirena check-in

Hello again everyone,

I had my Mirena placed on November 18. That story can be found here:

It was a breeze to have placed and it continues to be breezy.

I was taking Lo Loestrin FE birth control when it was placed and told to continue for one week after insertion. Which I did. I had light cramps and spotting that whole week.

The next week, when I was off of the pills, cramps increased. It was manageable though. It so happened that I had a chiropractor appointment and I told her about my IUD and the increased cramps. She has Mirena too and gave me an adjustment to alleviate the cramps. I woke up the next morning and I felt great.

My sex drive is more intense, my breasts are fuller. The spotting is here and there and only a light pink when I wipe. I haven't noticed any mood changes. If anything, I am calmer. The guy I am seeing cannot feel the strings. But that is probably because my doctor cuts them very short. She doesn't think you need to check them or anything like that. Which I am fine with.

My 4 week check up was on Monday and she said everything looks good and sounds normal and that it should continue to be this way.

I am very happy with this method of birth control. I think it is important to get good stories about this out there because it seems like there is so much negativity about it on the internet. This community is a great resource, thank you for being here!

3rd Time's the Charm?

Hi Everyone,

I'm not new to IUD_Divas, but I can't remember my old username and can't find myself in the system. Wonderful! So, here goes my story..

I'm 24, never been pregnant, never had kids, and married. I'm in grad school and have zero intentions of having kids until I'm done with that and at the next level of my career, so I decided to get the Paragard. I chose the Paragard over the hormonal options, because I've been on every other form of hormonal bc (monophasic pill, triphasic pill, Nuvaring, and Depo) and I think they all made me crazy, with the exception of the Nuvaring that made me gain 40lbs and Depo where I bled for 3 months straight.

So, I got the Paragard in April and all was right with the world. My period wasn't heavier like most people report, insertion was a breeze (I did cytotec & an oxycodone beforehand though..) and I cramped very little. That was the life. 6 weeks later, I had my follow up visit and discovered it had migrated and was ejecting itself so it had to be removed. I refused to give up on it, so I returned a week later and had another installed, this time my doctor performed an ultrasound at the same time to verify it was accurately placed. It was.. but 6 weeks later at follow-up, the darn thing had migrated and was ejecting itself AGAIN. My doctor would not do another Paragard and suggested the Implanon. I'm scared of having that put in my arm, so I went back on the pill (LoLoestrin, which I can never remember to take).

Fast forward 6 months to now.. I discovered the Skyla, which I wasn't aware of when I got my first two IUDs. My regular OB-GYN doesn't yet offer it, so I found another reputable practice in the city who does, explained my situation to a GYN there, who then agreed to insert one for me since it is smaller and supposedly made for women who have never had children. I had to schedule my appointment a month out, but I was able to get the very last one they had in stock! She prescribed a 600mg ibuprofen, cytotec, and something else that was supposed to prevent an infection (just in case). I took them all 2 hours before the procedure as directed with no worries since my first two insertions were more uncomfortable than they were painful.

My Skyla insertion was NOTHING like my Paragard insertions. It hurt like crap, though only for a minute or two. I had to lay down for 10 or so minutes before I got up because I felt nauseous. Walking for the first couple of minutes was a little uncomfortable. I had mild cramps for the rest of the afternoon. Nothing a little prescription strength Naproxen and a nap couldn't handle. When I woke up the next morning (today), I took another Naproxen just in case, but was fine all day (no cramps). So far, I'm happy with my choice. I just really hope that this one doesn't migrate like the others.

I will be back to report after my 6 week follow-up... hopefully with good news! Thanks for reading :)