December 10th, 2013

Pain only on one side

I just got my paraguard inserted. It was all most completely painless..I did have oxycodone and my Dr. used a numbing cream for my cervix, however when my dr was measuring my uterus it only hurt on the left side.. ... and now I have a sharp stabbing pain but only on my left side. I've always kind of cramped more on that side anyway. Is it normal to have pain on only one side after an IUD? It doesnt feel like a cramp just stabby. Anyone else share this experience?
Maker Unknown

Paragard - Insertion

Hi all, I just got my Paragard inserted today and happened to stumble across this community. Since I'm already an LJ user, I was pretty happy to find you guys! Anyways, I just mostly wanted to update about my experience.

About me - I'm 26, never had children, been on HBC for 11 years (wow) before this, have never had issues with HBC (that I know of), married.

So I've been super nervous for a week to have this thing inserted.. ugh. I've been snappy and moody because, in the back of my head, I was stressing about this. I just read so many horror stories online! Googling is never a good idea when it comes to medical things, I'm convinced.

Today was the big day. I got off of work early and headed to the office. The doctor came in and talked to me about it. I have a low pain tolerance (people always say it's because I'm a redhead?) and just scared of making the wrong choice about this. Decided to go ahead and do it.

This hurt so bad, I was not even prepared. Even with reading the horror stories.. ugh. I don't know. Of course it was worse because I've never given birth. They used local anesthetic but I don't know how much that helped! My gynecologist that I have been seeing for years was having trouble getting it inserted? So they had to call in another doctor to assist. So I had to lay there for a minute or two waiting.. and in pain. :( I think they had to further dilate my cervix.. and then they got it in there and pulled out the speculum. Such a relief. I laid there for a good 10 minutes before I finally felt able to get up and go.

So far, things have been okay. Feeling very crampy, but no bleeding or discharge or anything abnormal otherwise. Of course it's only been about 6 hours since insertion.. so we'll see! I've been reading back through old entries, so very helpful! And it's not just people trying to convince others why it was such a horrid choice for them.. which is nice.

I just really wanted to say hi, introduce myself, and I'm sure I'll be posting again with my experiences on this journey. Sincerely hoping I'll have one of the easier experiences! So far so good!