December 1st, 2013

My first Paragard period.. or the calm before the storm?

Hey everybody!
So I'm almost a month in with my Paragard! So far so good! I had a crampy first couple days and then some random twinges, but felt completely back to normal after the first week and I feel so relieved to be off of HBC!
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Is this really the start of my period, or just some mild spotting before the floodgates open? Am I going to experience the dreaded apocalyptic first paragard period others have mentioned? Is it possible that I haven't fully gotten back to normal after a month off the pill, and there just wasn't much lining to shed in the first place? If this is my period, it's right on time according to my little tracker app. I really just want to know if anybody else has experienced a crazy-light first period with their Paragard.

Is this normal, or should I be concerned?

Thanks so much for reading!
ps. Yay me for figuring out how to lj cut!!

Paragard no more?

I think I'm going to just have mine taken out, y'all.

I got it put in at the very beginning of September. But the past couple months have been nothing but really painful cramps, and heavy periods. The period I'm on right now has been 12 days long. Blegh.

Plus I went on it hoping that I would lose weight and my moods would be all nice but neither of those things have happened, so i think I need to go back to being on hormone birth control.

I mean, the cramps go all the way into my thighs. So not only am I crabby, tired, feeling ill, depressed, but now I have these excruciatingly bad cramps where I just want to lash out at everyone and sulk.

It's time Paragard :( I hope you hurt less coming out than you did going in.