November 28th, 2013

IUD arm stuck in myometrium

Hi Divas! I've been lurking in this community since I've gotten my Paragard about six weeks ago. I need some reassurance.

I'm 27, haven't had any kids. I was on Depo for about five years before I had the Paragard put in. The insertion was painful, and from day one I've never been able to feel my own strings, nor has my boyfriend. For the past six weeks I've been bleeding fairly often but not heavily, and my cramps haven't been unbearable but they're definitely there and often feel like pinches, or as if someone is pulling my uterus downward, if that makes sense.

Today I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound. My gynecologist discovered that my IUD has migrated, and the left arm is embedded in my myometrium, the muscle around the uterus. I'm getting it removed a week from tomorrow.

Had anyone else experienced this? I skimmed the archives and memories and didn't see anything, but then again I only skimmed. Google searches only result in clinical research, no anecdata from women who have experienced it. If you have, were you in a lot of pain? How was the removal? Are there any risks I should be aware of (as in, should I get it out ASAP as opposed to eight days from now)? What about risk of pregnancy? (My doc sternly told me to use condoms from now on until the removal, but what about the sex I've had with the IUD in up until now?) Did you get a new one inserted? (I'm debating this myself.)

Any help is greatly appreciated; I'm freaking out a bit. Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah, everyone!

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