November 26th, 2013

Bleeding after period with Paragard

Hey guys!

I have a quick question for you: has anyone experienced or heard about someone else bleeding a few days after their period ended? I started my period on Nov. 16 and I would say it ended the next Friday, Nov. 22 (so 7 days long), but I still had a little tiny bit of spotting in the next few days (like only noticeable when I wipe).

Then today, I've had heavier spotting and I've noticed it on my underwear. I'm also feeling crampy. Any ideas what the heck is going on?

Background: this is my 4th period with this Paragard IUD. I had one placed in June and then expelled it after a month and got a new one placed right away.

Help with my consultation

Hi all,

I am 23, nulliparous, and have been on hormonal birth control for about 5 years (pill for 4.5 years, Nuva Ring for about 5 months). I have a consultation appointment for an IUD in two weeks and I'm pretty nervous. I'm a huge pushover and terrible at advocating for myself with medical professionals so I would really appreciate some advice, or just encouragement.

I have asked about an IUD several times and have always been brushed aside. I found it impossible to pursue the subject and always ended up with a prescription for a different birth control pill and reassurances that if I kept having unpleasant side effects I could just switch pills again (or the best one-- "Just take the pills continuously, and if you keep having mood swings, we can put you on antidepressants!"). I have always been very uncomfortable with the idea of saying no or asserting myself in a way that contradicts what the doctor thinks is best-- which is why I've been stuck on HBC so long despite being miserable.

I'm concerned about this consultation because I know the practice I'm going to prefers the Mirena/Skyla, and I'm set on the Paragard. I am worried that this will be like my other "conversations" with doctors about the IUD and that I won't be listened to, and told that I "have to" get the Mirena/Skyla, or worse, told that I should consider a different form of birth control altogether. I am not sure how to approach this appointment so that I end up happy with the results, so if anyone has advice/suggestions for me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!
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Vegans with Copper IUD?

Hey Everyone,

I'm been a vegan for a year and a half, am considering the copper IUD Paragard, and was curious if there are any vegans on here with the copper IUD and if they've experienced any negative side effects? I try to eat a lot of veggies and avoid soy products, but since I don't eat meat I don't consume a lot of zinc which balances out excess copper in the body. Has anyone had any experiences with this? I've been reading too many internet articles and would like to hear from real people instead of scaring myself with information overload.