November 23rd, 2013

Help! No period, just pink CM, on Paragard

Okay, so here's the vitals: 23 y/o, nulliparous, Paragard since March 2010, no previous issues.

My periods have always been very short and very heavy on Paragard. They begin with 1-2 days of heavy brown CM spotting, followed by 1-2 days of very heavy bleeding, before tapering back off into 1-2 days of light-to-moderate spotting.

This month, my brown CM rolled around just like normal, except that it was extremely light. It only showed up when I wiped after using the toilet, never in my panties. That lasted around 48 hours. Then, something different: pink CM, a very light pink. It doesn't show up in my panties either, only on my finger when I swab it inside to check. This has been going on for about 48-72 hours.

As you can see, this is a very drastic and frightening change for me. A period without even the need for a panty liner? Really? Any answers as to what could be the cause would be greatly appreciated.

Other information worth mentioning: I have had a very mild case of urethritis for about 7-10 days. I started a monogamous sexual relationship with a new, male partner on October 8th.
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Paragard removal

I had my Paragard removed this week after 11 hard months waiting for it to settle. In the end, I was just having moderate to very very severe cramps more than 20 days out of each month and felt permanently worn down. I couldn't stand for long without pain, or sit in many positions, or exercise except for a few days each month. I also had almost endless UTIs and two kidney infections (one caught early, and one very severe), which I am not sure were related, but were not a problem before the Paragard. I felt better almost immediately, despite some cramping, and now I've had a few days to realize how much the Paragard was draining my energy even when I wasn't experiencing severe cramps.

Despite the many problems, it was an incredibly hard decision to give up and get it removed since I'd been very invested in the IUD working out. I've just ordered the Flexi-T and will be getting it in next month at Chicago Women's Health Center (they are awesome--just FYI).