November 20th, 2013

Good Experience with Mirena Insertion

Hello everyone,

I made the decision to get the Mirena IUD a little while ago, but I did a lot of research before actually having it done this Monday. This group helped, so I thought I would post my experience so that there's more out there for anyone thinking about this.

I am 30 years old. I have one child. I am not in a relationship. Before the Mirena I was on Lo Loestrin FE. The reason that I chose to switch to the Mirena IUD was because I probably don't want anymore children, I hate having to remember the pill everyday and while I was breastfeeding, I did really well on the progestin only pills. (Not to mention that this was fully covered by my insurance and Lo Loestrin FE is $95 a month.)

The doctor I went to was not my normal doctor. My normal doctor wanted me to pay up front for the device and insertion fees and my insurance company said they should not be doing that. So, I went to my sister's doctor. She was nice during the consultation and I felt very comfortable with her. She said that since I am on the pill she can do the insertion at any time, I did not need to be on my period. However, I needed to stay on my pills for one week for protection against pregnancy.

I forgot to take any Advil before my visit, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I felt some slight cramping and then before I knew it, it was over! She said it actually took her a little longer because I have a tilted uterus that caused her some trouble. But I didn't think it took long at all. I took Advil when I got home. I just had a bit of cramping that night. I have been fine ever since. She specifically cuts the strings shorter than normal and does not want me to go looking for them. She said that doing that just leads to paranoia in her patients.

I have had a little spotting and just a little cramping when I move certain ways. But I really thought it was going to be much worst. Which it might be after I stop my pills. I see her again in four weeks.

Just wanted my experience out there. I am hoping everything stays as positive as it has been so far!

All the terrible reviews...

Help! I'm 26 years old and I had my Mirena inserted 3 weeks and a day ago.

I read some reviews before I got it inserted, and I decided I could do with the possible pain. I didn't think I would gain weight as I watch my diet and train for half marathons. And, I have such a tight knit group around me that they would tell me if I was acting up with mood swings or depression.

Insertion went better than I thought. Some cramping and whatnot. Some cramping still, but that's kind of been a thing for me forever.

I started my period a week ago today. It's heavy and it's not letting up. At. All. Being an idiot I Googled "Menstrual Cycle on Mirena." The reviews are terrifying that I came across. Deep bouts of depression. Going bald from hair loss. The bleeding never regulating. Losing sex drive. Unbearable migraine headaches.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm absolutely terrified, and almost feel like ripping the thing out myself. I feel like I may have done myself harm by getting it. I admit I am a little vain, but no one wants to lose their hair. And, I suffer from migraines already.

Anything anyone has to add will be helpful.
Red wing

Local anesthetic?

Does anyone know why some doctors use local anesthetic and some don't?

I had an IUD inserted about a month and a half ago. After hearing a friend's story, I was rather worried about how it would feel. (She did not have anesthetic. She didn't even know it was an option.)

Yet, my doctor used a local anesthetic and it was a total non event. A tiny bit of discomfort when she checked my uterus and nothing else. It was no worse than a pelvic exam, and less unpleasant than some exams I've had by ungentle doctors.

I have had a child. So that probably makes insertion a bit easier. (My friend with the unpleasant story has had two kids, though.)

Still, though, I'm wondering. If doctors can numb the cervix and make things more comfortable, why don't they?