November 19th, 2013

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Six Weeks In... Probably Coming Out

Six weeks ago I had a challenging insertion.  I joined this group at that time and posted my story.

Well, I went to my doctor today for my six week Mirena check up.  Not good.

I peed in a cup so they could make sure I'm not pregnant.  I know that it's just part of what they do... but kind of annoying , since my doctor knows that it's not possible.  But I guess they just need to be sure.

Anyway, I told her about how things went after the insertion... how bad things felt.  Then when my period came.  How long it lasted... color of things... flow, etc.  You know... regular conversation.  I told her about how it felt with having sex.  I mentioned how there was a sharp pain that would shoot from my pelvis, up through to my breast... kind of like a nerve being hit.  My doctor said that she hasn't heard of that... but then went to not only examine me the typical way, but also felt inside.  Said the strings were WAY short. Much shorter than what she'd left.  And of course now I'm worried.  I hadn't felt it when I got it on the first day.  I think I felt it like the second or third day that it was inside me.  So I don't have a reference.  The doctor is sending me off for an ultrasound.  She told me to not be worried.  But yeah, I think I'm just going have it taken out.  I don't think this is good for me.  I think I'm not supposed to have this device inside of me.  Probably should've taken a cue from my body when it was so difficult to put it inside of me in the first place.

Ultra sound is set for Friday.  I already called the doctor and asked her about having it taken out.

All in all, I'm guessing I'm an "exception".  Was really hoping this would work.  Definitely not how I wanted my six weeker to roll.
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IUD and frequent UTIs and two too many kidney infections.

 Hi all. I've had the Paragard for 11 months. I suspect that I'm prone to UTIs but since getting the IUD, and despite trying to do everything right (going to the bathroom before and after unprotected sex with my partner, for example), I've had several UTIs and two kidney infections, including one that was severe enough to land me in the hospital last week. I'm wondering if the UTIs/kidney infections and IUD might be related in some way--that the IUD might increase my susceptibility. Any experiences/info you might have very welcome.

Just FYI, I've had a terrible time with the Paragard and have had bad cramping nearly constantly since insertion, including pain where it feels like the Paragard is tearing up the wall of my uterus or splintering through my cervix.