November 15th, 2013

Painful sex? UTI prone?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and just registered because I find everyone's posts so insightful and reassuring. I'm getting Paragard on Monday (November 18th) and will have my Implanon removed from my arm during the same appointment. Pretty intense! I'm a bit nervous but I think it will be worth it.

I'm traveling to Thailand for a month from December 22nd to January 22nd and I'm not sure if I should take any precautions before leaving the states to minimize my chances of getting something like BV. I'm visiting my relatives in the Thai countryside and while the infrastructure there has improved over the years, it's still pretty rough out there in terms of biodiversity, if that makes sense. I'm basically paranoid I'll be at a higher risk of running into some problems with my IUD while being in a foreign/subtropical country, especially since it'll be less than five weeks after I get my IUD inserted. I plan on getting a checkup with my gynecologist right before I leave. I've never had problems in Thailand before other than the occasional diarrhea and vomiting, but you never know! Is there anything in particular I can do (besides practicing good hygiene) to ensure good vaginal health? Probiotics or certain foods/liquids? I admit I'm pretty clueless when it comes to natural remedies for vaginal health.

I'm also worried about sex with the IUD. I've read some posts on here about rough sex and whether or not it hurts or can affect the positioning of the IUD. I realize it's different for everyone and some people just have a more sensitive cervix after the procedure. To explain my own personal situation, I've been in a long distance relationship for three years. I'm in Hawaii and he's in Germany and we see each other about once every ten months. It sucks, but I think I'll be visiting him again in February (three months from now) and I don't think I'll be able to stay longer than a month. Since I'm only going to be with him for a limited amount of time, I really want to be able to have great sex with him. I'm scared he might feel discomfort from the strings, or I will feel pain in my cervix when he bumps into it (he usually rubs against it, and quite frankly I enjoy it, but I'm not sure how that will change with the IUD...). I'm also worried about how the heavy bleeding from Paragard will take away from how often we can have sex. If the strings poke him, would I be able to adjust them while I'm there with him in Germany? Also, somewhat off topic: I'm prone to UTIs regardless of how much I try to pee immediately before and after sex. I've taken D-Mannose powder to help with it but I'm not sure how effective that is. German doctors are mostly unwilling to prescribe antibiotics. Does anyone have any good recommendations for UTI prevention?

As you guys can tell, I tend to overthink things a lot, but I'm glad such an awesome community exists where I can express myself! Thanks for listening. I'll definitely post an update after the Paragard has been inserted (most likely several months after I've had it, as I find those updates most useful)!

Another Worry [Mirena Expulsion?]

I wish I didn't worry so much about this IUD, but I'm terrified of it not working out and having to get another one (oh, the pain).

So this time I'm worried about expulsion.

This past weekend (11/9-11/11ish) I had some wicked cramps (I'd say they were maybe 8/10 on the pain scale) in what felt like my uterus and cervix. It was really bad for about three days; not the whole time, but I noticed it a lot when I was sitting/laying down. The week prior to that, I had been experiencing a lot of pressure on my left side in that region. It was always there, but it felt really really bad when I had sex.

Of course, when the weekend was over and I was thinking of calling my doctor, my pain went away. I did talk to my mom (a nurse) about it and she said that if it persisted, I should call the doctor but if not it may just be my IUD acting up.

It could have been ovulation or period pain (I think I skipped a period so I'm not exactly sure what part of my cycle I'm on; I did take a pregnancy test and it was negative so it's not that), but I'm just not sure.

And NOW, yesterday, I felt my strings and they feel longer than I'm used to. Not really long, but they feel longer and they're easier to access (I usually squat to reach them, and I didn't have to as much to find them this time).

This makes me worry that the cramping was my body expelling the IUD into my cervix (or lower into the uterus).

However, when I went to my 1 month checkup in June, my doctor told me that my strings had curled up into my cervix so I wouldn't feel them too much.

Should I assume the strings just "unlooped" a little from the cervix or should I go get it checked out?

TL;DR: Am I expelling because I was really crampy last weekend and my strings are somewhat lower, or are they just unraveling from my cervix?