November 12th, 2013

Mirena to Paragard Switch (so far so good!)

Just had my 2nd IUD placed last Thursday, so far it is a much better experience. The insertion itself hurt less, whether due to the different insertion device or because I have previously been dilated, I don't know. I did have the same shakey and sick experience afterwards and had trouble getting a taxi as it was raining, so I must admit that I did puke on the sidewalk while wandering looking for a cab in NYC. I had the pretty heavy cramping for that day and the next, but it was tolerable with NSAID and heating pads.

I was late getting my period (it has been erratic this year) so I was not bleeding yet on insertion. I started bleeding the next morning, and stopped by Sunday morning. The 2 day period was nice: shorter and a little heavier than my usual (one day of light bleeding, 3 or 4 days of spotting). I have only had occasional spotting since or kind of funny blood streaked/orange discharge, no cramping since day 2. I even rode horses on Sunday, 3 days post insertion, without a twinge of pain.

Comparatively, the Mirena gave me heavy cramps for about 4 days, and moderate cramping for about 3 more. Exercise was out of the question in such an early timeframe. For anyone curious, I discontinued Mirena at about 8 months in as it was causing cystic acne (which I have never experienced before) and seemed to be causing bloating or weight gain about my middle (also a new experience). Interestingly, I never suffered huge side effects on the pill - just decreased libido really. Progesterone only did not seem to be suited to me. I have been without IUD and relying on condoms for about a year and a half since Mirena removal. Strings are also much finer/softer on the Paragard, and easier for me to get them to curl up around my cervix nicely. Fingers crossed that Paragard continues to go so swimmingly!